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De Hilster on "The Ten Assumptions of Science" and his overview of "Infinite Universe Theory" and his hour-long interview with me on YouTube.


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De Hilster on PSI Blog 20181219 Multiverse theory and aether



The web site of the Progressive Science Institute, an organization that sponsors education and research on scientific philosophy free of political and religious influence. Our no-nonsense books eschew today's strange ideas hypothesizing more than three dimensions and a universe that explodes out of nothing.




Check out our list of Elderly Galaxies falsifying the Big Bang Theory


Just Published...

Religious Roots of Relativity shows that, unlike other scientific theories, relativity is founded on religious assumptions. Glenn Borchardt, author of The Ten Assumptions of Science, elaborates on the opposing indeterministic assumptions to present "The Ten Assumptions of Religion" as the framework for this new book. Each fundamental religious assumption is shown to have much in common with the fundamental assumptions Einstein subconsciously used in devising Special and General Relativity Theory. One theme runs through the entire book: Einstein’s erroneous assumption that space was perfectly empty. That was critical for his popular Untired Light Theory, as it has been for popular biblical creation stories, and for popular Big Bang Theory. There is no evidence, however, for perfectly empty space; it is only an idealization akin to the dreams and imaginings of religion. It cannot possibly exist. Nonexistence, nothingness, therefore is impossible. The universe exists everywhere and for all time. Without relativity and its foundation in religion, the book predicts Big Bang Theory will be victim to the Last Cosmological Revolution: Infinite Universe Theory.

This is the book for you if you have wondered why relativity has remained lucrative and popular despite its weird paradoxes, contradictions, and interpretations. This is the book showing the intimate, necessary connection between relativity and religion, which has led to relativity’s longevity and indubitable veracity among those who still hold fast to religious assumptions.

"Wow! I finished reading your book in one day! I just couldn’t stop scrolling the pages. It was an enjoyable read and very well written. You have a great writing style that is easy to read. Nice final sentence too." -Bill Howell

"Borchardt’s new book is ultimately a fast read, because (like all his books) once you start reading it, you can’t put it down. And, literally, you can’t put it down physically, and you can’t put it down argumentatively. Some may disagree with it. But that would only reveal the indeterminist within. Borchardt ends his masterpiece with a look forward to the inevitable paradigm shift, and how mankind will be better off for it." -Fred Frees

"Glenn Borchardt’s book "Religious Roots of Relativity" is not just about relativity and religion, it’s not only about physics, it’s much more, about science which is under a siege by everything what is not science. If I had to review Borchardt’s book: "Religious Roots of Relativity" in only once sentence, I would say: We need more books like this one!" -Rudolf Vrnoga

"Impressive piece of work! Very much in line with Collingwood and my essay on the subject. I had never realized these assumptions were of religious origin, though, besides the priest's obvious motivations." -Pierre Berrigan

Glenn Borchardt's book uses the hammer of Infinity to explain and destroy the junk theories that plague 'Official' physics today. This is a book that should be used in college courses, to give students a basic understanding of how physics is done. Physics has 'gone off the rails' for a century and it is books like Borchardt's that will return physics from its current unscientific and anti-materialist base and back on to a scientific and materialist road." -Mike Gimbel

The Kindle price is $3.99. Just click on:

BTW: The b&w ($9.99) and color ($34.99) paperbacks also are  available.

And Don't Forget Our Previous Book...

After 10 long years, IUT is available in color as an eBook. You can order today at Amazon for delivery to cell phones, tablets, Kindles, and computers:

The price is only $9.99

The black and white paperback is now available for $19.95. The color paperback is available for $49.95.  You also can get the eBook for an extra $2.99.


Here is the book pitch:

Infinite Universe Theory presents the ultimate alternative to the Big Bang Theory and the common assumption that the universe had an origin. Author Glenn Borchardt starts with photos of the “elderly” galaxies at the observational edge of the universe. These contradict the current belief that the universe should have increasingly younger objects as we view greater distances. He restates the fundamental assumptions that must underlie the new paradigm. Notably, by assuming infinity he is able to adapt classical mechanics to “neomechanics” and its insistence that phenomena are strictly the result of matter in motion. He shows in detail how misinterpretations of relativity have aided current flights of fancy more in tune with religion than science.


Borchardt demonstrates why only Infinite Universe Theory can provide answers to questions untouched by currently regressive physics and cosmogony. His new modification of gravitation theory gets us closer to its physical cause without calling upon attraction or curved spacetime or “immaterial fields.”


This is the book for you if you have doubts about the universe exploding out of nothing and expanding in all directions at once, that the universe has more than three dimensions, or that light is a massless wave-particle that defies the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Borchardt has put forth a solid case for an Infinite Universe that extends in all directions and exists everywhere and for all time.


 “What a great read! Thanks so much for a book full of great ideas. I love the Q&A format; it’s very satisfying to have good answers to clearly stated questions.” -Rick Dutkiewicz

 “Truly brilliant.” -Jesse Witwer

 “A radical, daring, and innovative demolition of regressive physics, from the creation of ‘something out of nothing’ to the ‘God Particle.’” -William Westmiller

"Glenn Borchardt's book uses the hammer of Infinity to explain and destroy the junk theories that plague 'Official' physics today. This is a book that should be used in college courses, to give students a basic understanding of how physics is done. Physics has 'gone off the rails' for a century and it is books like Borchardt's that will return physics from its current unscientific and anti-materialist base and back on to a scientific and materialist road." -Mike Gimbel

 “What a fascinating read!” -Juan Calsiano

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Previous Books:

From the Back Cover:

The universe is infinite; the motions of matter are predominantly cyclical.

 These simple statements hold huge implications about how the universe must operate if it was truly infinite rather than finite, as is commonly thought.

 In one sense, this book, Universal Cycle Theory, may seem radical because it postulates that the universe operates in ways that are dramatically different from what we are taught.  Yet, this new theory is conventional in the sense that it closely conforms to virtually all existing laws, equations, and observations.  There are only two elements that make the Universal Cycle Theory radical – cycles and infinity.  Other than that, much of what you read in this book will seem familiar and conventional.

 Cycles are crucial because they are reflections of how matter behaves in an infinite universe: as vortices and waves.  A vortex forms when matter rotates, producing circular cycles.  A wave forms when colliding matter compresses and decompresses, producing linear cycles.

 Infinity is crucial because it explains the extent and structure of the universe.  We assume that matter is infinitely divisible in the microscopic direction and infinitely integrable in the macroscopic direction.  We assume that time was infinite in the past and will be infinite in the future.  This concept of infinity is unique, having never been employed in a model of the universe before.  It resolves many of the paradoxes and contradictions currently riddling physics and cosmology.

Steve Puetz, a mathematician and statistician, wrote The Unified Cycle Theory (2009), a landmark book announcing the discovery of a seemingly infinite set of cycles, now dubbed the UWS cycles.  This was just enough evidence for the two authors to begin the great collaborative effort that resulted in this book.  Steve provided the research and developed most of the ideas for the book.



Glenn Borchardt, a scientific philosopher, initially developed the infinite universe theory--detailing its foundation in The Ten Assumptions of Science in 2004.  In The Scientific Worldview (2007), Borchardt introduced the universal mechanism of evolution and neomechanics, which adapts classical mechanics to infinity.  Glenn provided the philosophical and editorial guidance for the book.

Click to buy here:

Our Best Seller Since 2007:

The Scientific Worldview presents a balanced theoretical perspective that has profound implications for the social and physical sciences. Author Glenn Borchardt outlines the philosophical alternatives and those necessary for consistent scientific thinking.

The balanced outlook requires beginning assumptions alien to classical mechanism and modern systems philosophy. The central concept of the resulting philosophical system is univironmental determinism—a new universal mechanism of evolution founded on the simple proposition that whatever happens to a thing is a result of the infinite variety of matter in motion within and without.

Borchardt argues that the biased outlook of the twentieth century “scientific worldview,” systems philosophy, which overemphasizes systems and neglects environments, taints our most fundamental theories about the universe. But with the philosophy of univironmental determinism, we can gain the feeling of control in our lives and achieve a newfound level of consciousness through which we will change the world for the betterment of all.

Click Here for the Fred Frees Audio of the Above


“This is an exhilarating and often revelatory tour of modern physical sciences by a brilliant rebel. Be skeptical, but you won’t read a more daring or intelligent attack on Big Bang physics, or encounter a more breathtaking synthesis of all understanding.” --Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums (2006) and City of Quartz (1998)

"Extraordinary" --Michael Larsen, Literary Agent, San Francisco

"A magnificent achievement" --Random House

"Revolutionary" --Midwest Book Review

"I feel strongly enough about your books that I've been singing the praises to friends and strangers alike.  Your books changed my life." --Mike deHilster, Novelist

"There is an inexplicable sense of satisfaction that I feel when I am able to comprehend the Univironmental view of the world. If there was a fire in my home, the first book I'd grab would be TSW." --Frederic Frees

Click Here for Borchardt's Most Recent Interview

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And the book that started it all:


The Ten Assumptions of Science

Toward a New Scientific Worldview

Glenn Borchardt, Ph.D.


The Ten Assumptions of Science presents the logically coherent set of assumptions destined to define 21st century scientific philosophy. Glenn Borchardt first explains why assumptions and not absolutes are necessary for scientific thinking. By exploring the opposition between deterministic and indeterministic views, he clearly shows how critical choices among underlying assumptions either clarify or muddle scientific analysis.

He shows how customary mixtures of deterministic and indeterministic assumptions are responsible for the current confusion in modern physics. According to Dr. Borchardt, only rare physicists and philosophers have an inkling of the nature of time, space, energy, and matter. The need for reassessing our fundamental assumptions is indicated by the present sorry state of cosmology. Otherwise intelligent scientists promulgate the idea that the universe expanded from a tiny "singularity" smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. At the very least, adherence to Borchardt’s assumptions will contribute to the rejection of the "Big Bang Theory," which has surpassed the flat Earth theory as the greatest embarrassment to serious thinkers everywhere.

Although the book makes an excellent supplement to college courses in scientific philosophy, it is an astounding eye-opener for the educated reader with an interest in science and philosophy.

2004 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award Finalist in Philosophy

2005 Independent Publisher Book Awards Semi-Finalist in Science


 “I was very impressed that you had come to so many correct conclusions from a generalist's logical analysis of science.”

-Halton Arp, Astronomer

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