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New Book Challenges the Religious Foundation of the Big Bang Theory


“The Scientific Worldview” Receives Publisher’s Choice Award


(Berkeley, CA, March 14, 2007) --- Local scientist, Glenn Borchardt, today announced the publication of his book “The Scientific Worldview: Beyond Newton and Einstein.” According to Dr. Borchardt, the book challenges the religiously flavored speculation underlying the Big Bang Theory. He argues that the biased outlook of the current paradigm overemphasizes systems, neglects environments, and taints our fundamental theories about the universe. It is the strongest logical argument to date for an infinite universe that had no beginning and will have no end.


Dr. Borchardt maintains that “When it is finally laid to rest, the theory of the “Big Bang” origin of the universe will be recognized as the most acute embarrassment of 20th-century science.” He said “The key is the choice between the assumptions of infinity and finity, neither of which can be proven without a doubt.” “Scientists, no matter how brilliant, ultimately cannot be successful when they begin with incorrect assumptions.” “To begin with finity is to end with finity—and all the absurdities that the Big Bang entails.”


The book presents an eye-opening approach to viewing the world. The math is minimal and the prose is elegant.


·         Logically consistent theory from beginning to end

·         Antidote to the current religious wars


Borchardt proposes a new, universal, mechanism of evolution. Big Bang theorists and theologians will hate it; students will love it. This could be the book that triggers a paradigm shift with far-reaching consequences, not only in science, but in society as well.


About the Author


Glenn Borchardt, born 300 years after Newton, has forty years of practical and theoretical experience in earth science. He has produced over 270 scientific reports, including journal articles, consulting reports, chapters, books, and computer programs. Borchardt is the Director of the Progressive Science Institute in Berkeley, California.


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