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What is "regressive science"? It is, of course, "science" that eschews one or more of "The Ten Assumptions of Science," which provide the philosophical foundation for "The Scientific Worldview." Examples might use classical mechanism (the first scientific worldview), which overemphasizes the environment and underemphasizes the system in addition to claiming, erroneously, that there are a finite number of material causes for any effect. Or they might use systems philosophy (today's scientific worldview), which overemphasizes the system and underemphasizes its environment (as in the Big Bang Theory). The underlying philosophical purpose of regressive science is to moderate the struggle between determinism and indeterminism in the interest of domestic accord. Its allies tend to be culturally conservative, if not reactionary. They are especially pleased with Einstein's work, which is mostly based unwittingly on assumptions they favor as well. They see nothing wrong with settling scientific disputes in favor of mathematical idealism rather than physical realism. Regressive science is prominent in disciplines such as modern physics and cosmology, where philosophical speculation tends to be more plentiful than adequate, unequivocal data.


Review of Victor Stenger's Critique of Lerner's "The Big Bang Never Happened"

by Glenn Borchardt

Stenger's criticism of "plasma cosmology" back in 1992 remains relatively up to date with respect to the conventional view held by Big Bang theorists today. It demonstrates rather nicely that even best-selling atheists ("God: The Failed Hypothesis") can hold assumptions in common with theists.

Matterless Motion Wins Again 

by Glenn Borchardt

This is a review of "E=mc2: A biography of the world's most famous equation" by David Bodanis, Walker & Company, NY, 2000, 337 p.

Creationism and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

by Frederic Frees

This is a review of a claim by one of the creationists that the SLT contradicts evolution. It shows how creationist views are supported by the assumption of finity, which is also the foundation of the Big Bang Theory.


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