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Big Bang Cosmythology

Cosmic Matter and the Nonexpanding Universe

Infinite Universe Theory

List of Anti-Big Bang Websites

Open Letter and List of Anti-Big Bang Scientists

The Big Bang Never Happened (Bill Gaede)

The Infinite Universe

Universe: The Cosmology Quest (DVD of famous opponents of Big Bang Theory)

Why the Big Bang is Wrong


Dissident Physics


Dialectical Materialism vs. the New Physics

Einstein's Idiots (Videos by Bill Gaede)

Einstein's Math Mistakes

Einstein Myths of Space, Time, and Aether

Einstein, the Idealist

Einstein Wrong (the movie)

John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society

Newton Physics

Principia Scientific International


Progressive Physics

The Ten Assumptions of Science

The Scientific Worldview

Universal Cycle Theory

Infinite Universe Theory


Science-Biased Organizations

Ask an Atheist

American Atheists

Center for Naturalism

Critique of Accomodationism

Debunking Paranormal Claims 

Debunking Urban Legends

Freedom from Religion Foundation

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The Scientific Worldview


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